Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Best Gift Ever

Gift giving has always been a little uncomfortable for me. That moment when you open a gift, you have to suppress any indication that you don't have any idea what it is, you don't already own it or you don't think it is the weirdest idea ever. Then you have to go for that perfect amount of gratitude while simultaneously obsessing about whether or not you spent too much/too little/didn't even get them anything now that you've seen their gift.

Then there is the post-Christmas re-hashing when everyone asks what you got/gave and you get to relive the discomfort. Unless you gave/received the best gift ever. It's not just that I'm giving my fiance a puppy, which he's been wanting. It is also that I'm naming the puppy Herpes. Which is makes the puppy twice as awesome.

Now when people ask what I gave him for Christmas I can say with a straight face that I gave him Herpes.

And when people ask what he got for Christmas, he can tell all his friends and coworkers that he got Herpes. From his fiancee.

And when people come to visit, we can say: hey, have you guys seen Herpes? (before they can answer...because that would be awkward/awesome--my favorite) wait right here!

And when we have kids: son! I need you run outside and get Herpes! (I am pretty sure we will make excellent parents.)

The possibilities are endless. (I can start sentences with, "Ever since I gave you herpes...") I can't wait to introduce the puppy to Nana...


jmk said...

AJ has enough allergies in his life, he doesn't need to add STDs to the list too. Our dogs cannot hang out. What kind of dog are you getting?

Laura said...

I don't know! We were thinking a Shiba Inu (like a little husky) or maybe a lab even though we don't have a back yard yet (I started thinking about buying a house...why not?) or some kind of hunting dog...we're still looking, so you can help!

Jamie said...

Get a pound puppy! You can look online at Town Lake so you don't have to go in and then want to take every single one of them home.

The Professor said...

Herpes. the gift that keeps on giving.